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In order to understand the Theory of Time as described here, the reader should be familiar with the the infinite structuring process of matter described in the introductory explanation to The Structure of Reality



by Gary T Forbat

Part One

 Time in Space

According to my theory the spatial environment is an infinite emptiness reaching out in every direction. Matter and forces occupy the space. While these two elements co-exist, it is possible to consider space separately as an infinite emptiness. Without the inclusion of matter in the analysis time cannot be conventionally defined as a passing phenomenon, as there is nothing to set it to passage. It can be thought of as a vast emptiness in a neverending present moment. This is then the core concept of time. Within this never-ending eternal present, matter is continually evolving, changing through forces that matter itself creates. This opens the possibility of seeing time as passing by observing the rhythms and rates of change in matter evolution.

Part Two

Time with Space and Matter

When matter is added, another definition becomes possible in which time can be seen as passing. Matter occupies the vast emptiness of space and time can be defined by the regular movement of matter parts. We measure time based on the dynamics of the material composing matter objects. Clocks and watches are made of atoms and the atomic dynamics determines the rate at which they function and therefore defining a regular rate of time passage.

We tend to call atoms the basis of matter, but clearly it is not entirely true. There are a myriad of sub-atomic particles that can also considered as part of matter. Yet the world of our perception is based purely on these foundations. We as humans perceive atoms in large groupings. We humans perceive the world at a rate determined by the biologically evolved perception mechanism of our body, which is ultimately made from the atomic base itself. The original evolutionary purpose of animal perception was to discern the environment in order to enable well being and survival. All animals have this capacity, but human brain function has overtaken that basic purpose The Structure of Reality reveals a multi layered matter formation process showing the possibility that matter style worlds may exist on other scale/dynamics levels. To understand the following, it is necessary for the reader to understand the core theory described in the introductory essay

In the matter style worlds at other scale levels of the infinite structuring process, time would be measurable by different values In a relative micro world the events evolve on very small scales and very rapidly compared to events in our world of material events. On the other end of the scale, in a macro world of large scale events would evolve very slowly by our calculation. At these very large scale levels, the gigantic structures would seem almost static, but consider a creature made from these mega materials. Their relative micro matter base would be formed by huge structures of a lower scale level. Perceiving creatures in such a macro world would have built in perception mechanisms made from these huge slowly evolving structures. On the other hand, in the micro world of tiny proportions, the micro worlds generate tiny creatures evolving at a very rapid rate. Evolving rapidly as we see it, but in their micro environment their bodies and therefore their perceptive mechanisms are made from their even more dynamic micro base. With a very rapid rate of their perception they would see their world not unlike we see ours, since the micro atom style base that compose these tiny creatures create a perception mechanisms that perceives very rapidly to match the conglomerate matter evolution of their environment. On the larger scale, the mega worlds created by huge macro structures, these huge atom style objects pulsate their cycles extremely slowly by our way of measuring time. The perception mechanisms of any gigantic beings generated by these macro worlds would be based on the workings of their mega micro base of atomic style structures, so that perceiving creatures in this world would not be able to discern our world which would to them be made of incredibly tiny particles way below their threshold, not to mention the inability to capture such a rapid evolution of events, but they would perceive their own world at a rate of their perceptive mechanisms created by their micro base.

To get a clear picture of the universal time passage concept we needed to make these projections, and now it should be easy to understand the time relativity between scale levels and demonstrate that time passage can have no single definition. Our time definition based on atomic dynamics is just one among an infinity of possibilities. There is a common factor though. We share the same space but matter measured with different scale/dynamics relativities. For instance, during a single defined common period (say, one second of our time), in the micro world billions and tilllions of years' worth of events may have passed, while in ours only a small slightly discernible change takes place. In the macro world this relatively small timeframe cannot even come under notice, only perhaps multi trillions of multiples of it.

Time in each matter environment is defined in terms of regularities in the behaviour of the matter base on those scales. Clocks created from each matter style base run at different rates according to the dynamics of its micro structure, though they all run in the same causal direction. Now we have a series of relative definitions for time, as clearly there can be no single idea of time passage, yet it happens in the very same spatial environment concurrently, being eternal both past and future.   




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